• Dubuque Fighting Saints to Host 2015 USHL/NHL Top Prospects Game
  • 35 Players From 2013-14 USHL Season Selected in 2014 NHL Draft
  • 16 USHL Alumni Picked in 2014 NHL Draft
  • USHL Fall Classic Week Set For September 15-20
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Player Development

USHL Player Development is a division of the League exclusively devoted to enhancing the USHL's communication with, scouting, and recruitment of the very best hockey talent in the United States and internationally. Part of the communication and recruitment process of the top players in the world is to educate and share the unique opportunities the USHL has to offer.

The USHL had over 300 NCAA Division I hockey commitments last year and 32 USHL players were chosen in the 2013 NHL Draft, surpassing records in both categories. The USHL is the crown jewel of the USA Hockey Development model. The USHL provides an opportunity for players to reach their goals of playing in the NHL while also providing an opportunity to play NCAA hockey.

The USHL represents the best in hockey; the league does not ask you to sacrifice choices. The USHL helps you keep them. A USHL player can play up to 80 games with preseason, regular season, and playoff games. Over 90% of the games are on the weekends or holidays to make sure school work is a priority. Players attend school, have part time jobs, or are regularly doing community service during their free time. Players are able to play and practice in professional facilities. Players regularly play in front of an average of nearly 3,000 fans a game. The team objectives are to win the Clark Cup Playoffs and the Anderson Cup Regular Season Championship. The USHL celebrates what makes hockey great: Commitment, Integrity, Honor, and Excellence on and off the Ice.

USHL Player Development assumes the functions of the USHL's Central Scouting group, previously overseen via a consulting arrangement. USHL Player Development is now managed directly out of the USHL Commissioner's Office. Player Development's focus is to find players who are cut out for the USHL. The USHL is an elite league. Its players have to be prepared mentally and physically to play at a high level at all times. What Player Development looks for are complete players who can adapt to the rigors of a demanding practice and game schedule. When evaluating a player, Player Development ranks the player's skating skills, puck skills, hockey sense, and competitive drive. Most importantly a USHL prospect must be a good teammate and have a character of high quality.

USHL Player Development hosts three USHL Combines in Chicago during the spring. The purpose of the Combines is to bring the top players in the world to an event where USHL teams can evaluate players before the USHL Futures Draft and USHL Entry Draft. Players will be evaluated on the ice in games and practices. There will also be off-ice testing of strength, speed, agility, and character. The Combines are designed to help USHL teams gather as much information as possible before making their draft day decisions. The Combines are the best way for a player to gain exposure in front of the entire USHL network.

If you are interested in attending a USHL Combine, please complete and submit this form. For purposes of a quality evaluation process for the coaches, only the best players in the world at their respective age groups will be invited.